About Magen Toys

At Magen Toys, we’re making life, shopping, and gifting fun again! Our toy and novelty company was created to put all your (and our) favorite fun, trendy and exciting things in one place. We wanted a site where we could get the kind of unique gifts and novelty items you always see people with on Instagram and other social media outlets. Now, instead of having to ask, “where’d you get that?” you can be the cool kid in the light up cowboy hat!

Staying on Trend

We stay on top of trends so you don’t have to! Pop culture inspires a slew of interesting and entertaining products, but trends pass quickly and what was the height of cool a year ago is likely losing steam. To ensure you always have the best party favours and unique gifts at your disposal, Magen keeps an eye on trending toys and novelty items, stocking the most coveted and popular items

Where Trend Meets Value

Easily create loot bags, promotional gifts and more from our ever-growing collection of affordable novelty items. Magen makes competitive pricing a top priority for our customers because we don’t just want to offer the coolest things, we want to make sure everyone gets to enjoy them! We offer tons of low to mid-range priced party favours, small gifts and toys to fit a variety of needs and occasions.

Unique Gifts and Party Favours

We don’t like boring presents and don’t know anyone else who does either. This is why Magen set out to curate a selection of unique gifts that are perfect for everyone on your shopping list. From novelty lamps and unicorn pillows to wearable items intended to make you the center of attention, Magen offers the kind of gifts you’d want to give and get.

Representing with Jewish Themed Gifts, Toys and Novelty Items

While Magen Toys specializes in many gifting subcategories and has themed items for all holidays and occasions, we make a special effort to carry Jewish themed gifts. Though recent years and online shopping have made it easier to find both traditional and innovative Jewish novelties and gifts, we still found we were looking for a better selection. Because of this, when you shop our site you’ll notice we have one of the most contemporary and innovative selections of items perfect for gifting during Jewish holidays and bar/bat mitzvahs.

Building a Better Shopping and Gifting Experience for You

Ultimately, Magen Toys is about you, our customers. We’re constantly inspired by the support we see from our patrons. Much of what we stock is based on your suggestions, your favorite items and the responses we get from you. When you shop with us, review our site, we take each word to heart and do our best to keep the good things the same, and improve the things that could be better. This is how we build a better shopping and gifting experience for everyone!

We look forward to building even more with you and expanding our collection of party favours, unique gifts and novelty items to serve you better!