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Welcome to Magen Toys! We’re proud to be a top seller of novelty gifts, fun wearables, party favors, and unique decor items. At Magen Toys, we believe shopping and gifting are meant to be fun and that’s why we stock the coolest, most exciting items our customers would love to give and to receive. Browse our exciting gift, toy and novelty categories to find decorations and presents for any holiday or occasion.

Think party favors are just for kids? Think again! While Magen Toys carries a wide range of kid-friendly party favors and fillers for loot bags, we also have tons of fun things for adults, including:
• New Year’s Eve party favors
• Light-up bracelets, necklaces, glasses and hats
• Leis and novelty bow-ties
• Sports-themed toys and gifts
• Noisemakers
• Light-up and holiday themed headbands

Unique and Novelty Gifts

While many people settle for boring gift cards, boxes of candy and whatever items they can find near the cash register when buying a birthday card, Magen knows that gifting can be a lot more fun when you know where to shop! Our selection of novelty gifts allows you to find something to bring out the joy in any party or holiday. Does everyone need a gummy bear lamp or a gumball machine in their home? Probably not, but everyone does need something that makes them smile and we love giving our customers the chance to gift something that does just that.

Everyone knows the best part of any party is the loot bags. Whether you want a few neat, small toys and party favors or you want to create an over-the-top swag bag, Magen Toys has you covered.

Loot Bags for Kids: For kids’ loot bags, we carry trendy and classic toys and trinkets including items like light up gyro wheels, emoji balls, animal themed items, unicorn and sequined everything and hundreds of other items sure to delight.

Swag Bags for Teens and Adults: Planning a party for older kids, teens or adults? Magen stocks the trendiest party favors and wearable party accessories around. Make your party Instagram worthy by passing out light up cowboy hats, flashing fidget spinners, and glow jewelry.

Creating Themed Loot Bags: With our range of sports-themed items, unicorn and rainbow toys and plenty of other themed categories, it’s easy to create loot bags that have a common thread. If you’re not sure what kind of theme to go for, we suggest: Being Awesome… we’re really good at it and we like to show it with all the things we stock our site with!

Magen carries hundreds of on-trend, light-up and unique gifts and party favors to transform your home, backyard or office into an ideal party venue. Choose from decor and decoration items like:

Light up water dancing speakers: These innovative novelty gifts are not only a great way to listen to music, they also put on a show with water that moves to the beat. Get one set to put on your desk as an conversation-starting accent piece or set-up several of these throughout your home or pool to enhance the party atmosphere.

Sport Themed Decorations and Novelty Gifts: Plan a big game viewing party and decorate with our collection of foam fingers, sports-themed blankets, home decor items and more. We also have tons of sport items suitable to put in loot bags or pass out as party favors.

Kids Parties: Along with a variety of small novelty gifts, we also offer a selection of sequined items, unicorn themed decor pieces, and other items that you’ll want to keep around the house long after the party is over. Our trendy unicorn pillows, gumball machines and specialty party hats make for a great party atmosphere but also add a touch of fun and whimsy to your home after.

Holiday Parties: Get everyone feeling festive with our selection of holiday toys, party favors and decorations. Get all your shopping done in one place by ordering costume accessories and hats perfect for Halloween, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s and more.

Magen Toys prides itself on offering some of the most interesting, unique and classic Jewish party favors, gifts and more. From traditional menorahs, dreidels and gold coins to modern plush items, bar/bat mitzvah gifts and jewelry, we’ve curated a selection that honors tradition while also offering something contemporary and inventive.

Light Up/Glow Toys, Clothes and Accessories

Oh, glow-up! Our lighted and glowing items are great for completing a Halloween costume, showing off in a club or adding a safety element to a dark costume when walking at night. When looking for glow or lighted items, look no further than the exciting variety at Magen. Our specialties include light up wearables, glowing party favors, limbo sticks, LED gloves and other small items that pack a lot of glowing awesomeness into a little space!

Holiday Toys and Novelties

Few things get us more in the mood for holidays than exciting holiday toys and gifts. Shop our site during all the major and minor holidays to find party favors, gifts and novelty items to decorate your home, decorate yourself and give to the special people in your life.

Start shopping Magen Toys now to begin planning your next party, decorating your home or getting all your gift buying done!



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