Loot Bags

Save yourself the trouble, get your loot bags packed by us! $1 set up fee per loot bag!

Creating individual loot bags for party guests is a great way to personalize their experience and make the gathering more fun. However, stuffing, wrapping and tying those bags can take hours. At Magen Toys, we make the process simple by doing the packing for you. Our assembly line-like loot bag packing ensures each guest gets one of everything, saving you more time for party planning and fun!

Choosing your Loot

Magen offers a wide range of small toys, wearables and trinkets perfect for a variety of occasions and age groups. While loot bags are typically for small items, any of our products can be included in a gift bag. We recommend choosing one medium to large item and several smaller items to give guests plenty to get excited over.

Loot Bag Ideas

Themed Loot Bags: Magen has a huge selection of categories including all sport-themed gifts, glow in the dark wearables, unicorns, toy dinosaurs and more.

Special Event Loot Bags: Add some fun to your next New Year’s Eve party, anniversary celebration or even wedding. Our selection of noise makers and glow in the dark wearables are a fun addition to the evening and to your loot bags.

Loot Bags for Boys and Girls: While there’s plenty of crossover appeal for many of our toys, we can create loot bags that are specific to boys and girls. Choose from items like small toy cars and sports toys for boys then customize loot bags for girls with unicorn toys and glow jewelry.

Loot Bag Prizes and Choose Your Own: Create loot bags of several sizes with different gifts and toys to be used in giveaways. These are perfect for bridal and baby showers, fundraisers and more.

For additional information on ordering loot bags and packing options, use our easy Contact Us page.