Light Up / Glow

Why grow up when you can glow up? Magen Toys goes beyond glow sticks to bring you a full range of fun wearables, toys and decor items with lights and glowing elements. Perfect for kids and adults, our lighted items are the perfect way to add something extra to a costume, party outfit or to parties and events.

Light Up Toys

Choose from our collection of classic toys with exciting light up features. Try light up toys with color-changing lights, neon lights and rainbow effects. Our light up toys and accessories make great giveaway gifts, party favors and more.

Glow Toys

Try our glow in the dark and glow toys as fun gifts, stocking stuffers, costume accessories and party favors. Powered by the same technology that make glow sticks possible, our glow toys and jewelry are both classic and always exciting.

LED Gloves

Made popular by ravers, DJs and performers, LED gloves are on trend and perfect for anyone who wants something a little edgy and a lot of fun to complete their party clothes.  Equipped with flashing and hypnotic multi-colored lights, our LED gloves are a must-have accessory for concerts, raves, parties, and anywhere you want to stand out, even in the dark.

Light Up Wearables

Serving as fun conversation starters, unique costume accessories and nighttime safety devices, our light up wearables come in a wide range of styles to fit with many themes. Our lighted cowboy hats and fedoras offer a beautiful, glittering glow to wear as part of a costume or to wear for a night out at a bar or club.

Our light up necklaces, bracelets, gloves and other wearables are especially useful for trick-o-treaters. Allow kids to wear the dark costumes they want, but incorporate these battery-operated and long-lasting accessories to ensure they remain visible even when it’s dark out.

Shop Magen Toys for all these glow items to give as gifts, treat yourself or throw the coolest parties and events!