Jewish Themed

At Magen toys, we love offering the best in all novelty and gift items but we have a special place in our hearts for Jewish novelties along with bar and bat mitzvah gifts! Magen, after all, means shield in Hebrew and we take pride in celebrating our culture and heritage with our customers.

We carry a wide range of both fun novelty toys with traditional Jewish symbols along with items suitable for special celebrations like bar mitzvah gifts.

Bat Mitzvah Gifts

From the traditional to the inspired, we carry bat mitzvah gifts any young woman would love to receive. Use our Jewish themed novelties as part of larger gifts or shop our full selection of unique wearable and decor items to make a special day even brighter. Our range of toys, gifts and novelties for teens are also perfect add-ons to bat mitzvah gifts. Choose a unicorn or sequined mermaid pillow as something just for fun.

Bar Mitzvah Gifts

Our bar mitzvah gifts bear traditional Jewish symbols to remind young men of the importance of this day in their lives and in their faith. Combine any of these bat mitzvah gifts with our sports themed items or trendy decor pieces to create a present that is both fun and fitting for the occasion.

Celebrate with Magen Toys Jewish Themed Gifts!

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