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Party time?

Need More Ideas?

Think party favors are just for kids? Think again! While Magen Toys carries a wide range of kid-friendly party favors and fillers for loot bags, we also have tons of fun things for adults, including:
• New Year’s Eve party favors
• Light-up bracelets, necklaces, glasses and hats
• Leis and novelty bow-ties
• Sports-themed toys and gifts
• Noisemakers
• Light-up and holiday themed headbands

Unique and Novelty Gifts

While many people settle for boring gift cards, boxes of candy and whatever items they can find near the cash register when buying a birthday card, Magen knows that gifting can be a lot more fun when you know where to shop! Our selection of novelty gifts allows you to find something to bring out the joy in any party or holiday. Does everyone need a gummy bear lamp or a gumball machine in their home? Probably not, but everyone does need something that makes them smile and we love giving our customers the chance to gift something that does just that.

Loot Bags

Everyone knows the best part of any party is the loot bags. Whether you want a few neat, small toys and party favors or you want to create an over-the-top swag bag, Magen Toys has you covered.

Loot Bags for Kids: For kids’ loot bags, we carry trendy and classic toys and trinkets including items like light up gyro wheels, emoji balls, animal themed items, unicorn and sequined everything and hundreds of other items sure to delight.

Swag Bags for Teens and Adults: Planning a party for older kids, teens or adults? Magen stocks the trendiest party favors and wearable party accessories around. Make your party Instagram worthy by passing out light up cowboy hats, flashing fidget spinners, and glow jewelry.

Creating Themed Loot Bags: With our range of sports-themed items, unicorn and rainbow toys and plenty of other themed categories, it’s easy to create loot bags that have a common thread. If you’re not sure what kind of theme to go for, we suggest: Being Awesome… we’re really good at it and we like to show it with all the things we stock our site with!